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Short history of Hotel Les Arbres


It all started in 1990 as an idea with an idealistic tint. I would build a hotel that would give work to a number of families, and the only thing I wanted in return was that I would have a shelter during the months I was going to spend in Mali, in the Dogoncountry. Ben, his real name is Dramane Demebélé, would manage the place. The profit of the bar would be for him and his family and the output of the hotel would be used to reinvest in small developments projects. It looked like one couldn’t get in a word edgeways; this had to be a success formula.

Short History (continuation)


The hotel was being build; Ben moved in with his family and took care of the management, and I had my own luxury room and was spoiled in my own restaurant. And then it went wrong. Everything turned around one crucial thought that is that Ben would manage the business to honour and satisfaction. But Ben turned into an alcoholic in no time, which was bad for the management, and started to cheat on me, which was bad for the financial situation. When I was around, the turnover of the hotel was accurately handed over to me, but when I wasn’t there, I was to receive only a meagre output. Since the opening in January 1992 the turnover raised steadily. Within two years the hotel went swimmingly; during the winter (the tourist season) we were full, but the enterprise was hardly self-supporting because Ben found a way to appropriate a larger share of the profit. 

Apart from that I was too busy myself setting up a business in Bamako and I hardly had time to intervene with what happened hotel Les Arbres in far away Bankass. Every time I tried it again with Ben and so many times I was disappointed. But the moment came that the cup was full and in 1996 a new manager took over. But unfortunately also this was not a success. Managing a hotel, however small, is a specialist skill and in Mali you do not easily find skilled personnel.

In 1997 health problems forced me to return to the Netherlands. Hotel Les Arbres was sold, but unfortunately it was never paid. Since the year 2000 it is my property again. A guard called Ali Guindo (nickname Ali Koro) keeps things a bit in order, but the hotel hasn’t been in function for years. And yet that is a pity. Someone with a little bit of interest can turn the place into a paradise. It has a beautiful terrain with lots of shadowy trees, the name Les Arbres is no coincidence, the building is solid, and with some cosmetic changes the ball can be started to roll again in no time. Apart from that nowadays Bankass has electricity and running water, telephone and internet are on its way. Also the roads to Mopti and Burkina Faso are in excellent shape, in short, the side conditions are perfect.

Which enterprising couple dares to accept the challenge to blow in new life in the once famous hotel Les Arbres Bankass? The terrain is large enough for all kind of extensions, and if one would construct a little swimming pool, a good turnover is guaranteed and a nice life as well.


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Who dares to accept the challenge?

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Hans Taal


Phone:      +31 (0)20 422 8855

Cellphone: +31 (0)6 3484 1454



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The former Camping Bar Ben


The simple mud building on the photograph used to be the former Camping Bar Ben. At this spot tourists were being hosted until 1992. Nowadays three families live in this house. The large gate, where four wheel drive cars and trucks used to enter has been filled with bricks and replaced by a small entry door. Once this was the spot for cold beer and people were dancing until after midnight … under that one little tree.