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Price    €  120,000.-

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Hotel les Arbres is located in Bankass, about 100 km east of Mopti. It is situated on the connecting road Mopti – Bankass – Koro – Burkina Faso and can be reached over adphalt roads all the way. Together with Bandiagara and Sangha, Bankass is considered a gateway to the Dogon country. Several interesting Dogon villages (Kani Bonzon, Kani Kombolé, Teli, Endde, etc.) are found within a radius of several km and are easy to be reached by car or with the most popular means of transport in the region, horse and cart. The hotel is situated in the heart of the village, close to the buildings of the administration, the medical centre and the covered market.

Hotel Les Arbres, summary


Object:                                                  Hotel, restaurant, bar, camping site

Price:                                                    € 120,000.—

Location:                                               Bankass, Dogoncountry, in a quiet village centre

Year of construction:                              1992

Surface of the premises:                        2.500 m2

Surface of the floor:                               570 m2


Number of rooms:                                 8 + 1 linenroom

Number of bathrooms                            8 with shower, toilet and washbasin

Restaurant:                                           1 with fixed and tiled bar unit

Kitchen:                                                1 with fixed and tiled sink unit

Extra sanitary provisions                        2 showers, 2 toilets

Number of floors                                    2

Annexes                                                2

Garden                                                  1900 m2 with many trees

Terraces                                                5, of which 1 large covered

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